A daily fitness regimen is necessary to keep your body healthy and strong. It makes you go to the gym regularly and workout consistently for a specific time. But the Covid19 pandemic might be stopping you from maintaining this healthy habit from March 2020 till now. How about getting a complete workout solution with the CorePump all-in-one fitness at home equipment?


Even if you are waiting for this pandemic to be over soon, both your body and mood may be affected already. During this crucial time, you need not have to sacrifice your gym workout. The hopes of resuming your fitness regimen are still on. There is CorePump revolutionary fitness at-home equipment to help you carry out smart resistance exercises in six different settings.


Single Equipment & Multi-Dimensional Use for Fitness


How great would it be if you could bring single fitness equipment at home and get a total-body workout without going out of home? Well, the CorePump medical fitness machine is designed to help you add to your core strength, cardiovascular health, and body flexibility without investing a huge amount.


From oblique pull/push, and pendulum squat/ab push to bicep curl and tricep extension, you can do everything using the CorePump machine and get your body in active-mode without much time. And don't forget that it is complete fitness at home equipment with a sturdy metal body which can adjust in little space of your home, and work as a home gym.


CorePump - An Up-close View


You might have heard about the CorePump machine but don’t know much about it. Am I right? Let’s explore this versatile fitness at home equipment from a close range and try to figure out why it is worth considering setting up a home gym.


The CorePump Machine is HEALTHCARE certified medical fitness equipment for use at home, office, therapy center, etc. PDAC has already confirmed it has Cardiovascular and Cardiopulmonary health advantages for regular use.


It is one of the most effective fitness equipment at home available with limitless options for core, strength, flexibility, core, and cardiovascular health-building exercises. Based on the principle of Smart Resistance (that continuously adapts to changing user output), the CorePump device makes way for a safe workout, optimal muscle toning, and strength.


Top Reasons to Place an Order for the CorePump Machine


  • All Rounder - It is multi-use home gym fitness equipment that is an all-rounder standing in whatever little space you have.

  • Fun and Painless Workout Session - With a distinctive piston design, CorePump ensures smart resistance for fun and painless workout sessions. Muscle building is possible by adjusting the weight on it.

  • Space Saving Feature - COREPUMP is the right fitness equipment to start with your home gym (with 2x2 ft square space). This ultra space-saving feature is beneficial even if your garage, patio, and office are not that spacious.

  • Promotes 4 Important Elements of Health - It safely, smartly, and effectively promotes four key components of health including cardiovascular conditioning, body strength, flexibility, and muscle toning.

  • Noiseless and No Electricity Usage - CorePump is fabulous for silent operation and uses no electricity.


Do you want a total-body workout without wasting time traveling to the gym? Consider ordering CorePump medical fitness at home equipment at support@corepump.com today!!