COREPUMP® Machine 

Research Abstract:  User Efficacy


Introduction: For Decades the fitness industry has presented new products for the purpose of creating an enhanced strength training experience for performance, convenience and price point. Often, devices specialize in muscle isolation or incorporate the entire body and are generally expensive and require numerous parts to arrange, and a significant amount of space. Over time the drawbacks have led to disfavor and lack of use. Fitness facilities that promote muscle isolation machines are expensive to join, are generally not convenient due to time or location.  Free weights require a heightened level of understanding or instruction, and pose a greater risk to reward ratio, which is especially true for the older population.  Finding a device that addresses these concerns yet provides an appropriate experience is what prompted this research project.   

Purpose: The CorePump® Machine represents a new type of training device based on Isokinetic resistance.  There are three types of resistance training. 1) Isometric: muscle contraction without joint motion.  2)Isotonic: muscle movement in both concentric (shortening) and eccentric (lengthening) phases.  3)Isokinetic: muscle movement with resistance in concentric only phases.  Numerous research studies have shown isokinetic training to be a viable and potentially safer method of strength training.  This study was designed to determine the benefits of this device for an individual in a private or group setting.  

Methods: A random group of 25 physically active adults from cycling, running and swim backgrounds participated in the study. A single page questionnaire was provided prior to use of the CorePump® Machine. A workout consisting of 8 fundamental movements involving 1 set of 10 reps for each was then completed.  A second single page follow up questionnaire based on the experience was provided after the workout with CorePump® Machine.  

Results:  Pre workout questionnaire: The majority of participants reported they were currently participating in a resistance training program (60%); with 72% participating throughout the year.   With 84% of the participants reported not utilizing a personal trainer during resistance training.  80% responded that they weight train less than 1 hour a session with 36% reporting time as the limiting factor.  Although 88% did not fear soreness in their resistance training, 68% preferred not to be sore from resistance training.  

Post Workout questionnaire: Upon completion of the 1 set of 10 repetitions for 8 separate movements, 96% of the participants felt the CorePump® Machine was sufficient to include all body parts.  Only 4% of the participants felt new or unusual soreness after using the CorePump® Machine (preexisting conditions).   The majority of participants had a positive encounter with the CorePump® Machine; with 80% feeling confident they could use it alone.   68% were interested in purchasing and also learning more about the CorePump® Machine experience. With the majority of the participants expressing that the product presented value; however, 88% felt the price point exceeded their expectation.  

Discussion:  Overall, the participants had a favorable experience and felt it would be a useful form of resistance training.  Those who didn’t have a favorable experience commented that the resistance, even at setting 1, was too difficult.  In some cases, the machine did not allow for appropriate range of motion but this was due to only having one size model to test.  Others commented that going to a facility to workout had a social aspect that had not been anticipated and thus those participants would not likely purchase for home use.  Most felt safe using the machine and were confident they could control form while using it on their own.  


Conclusion: The use of isokinetic resistance training is not well known to the average end user, and there is a paucity of research available to support its validity.  As a result, more research is needed, but the current project would support favorable results, and outcomes across a broad spectrum of ages and abilities.  The CorePump® Machine represents a viable method of isokinetic resistance training to meet the users end needs.  

Jeff Lockwood, LifeSport (Exercise Physiologist)