CorePump machine will be the next big home fitness sensation

Nov 06, 2020 (Heraldkeepers) -- (Binary News Network) This coronavirus pandemic introduced several unexpected changes to our life. Within the past few months, it is not just about the social distancing measures that made a big impact on our routine journey; we have also adopted new ways to work from home. In this similar manner, our hygiene and fitness needs or priorities have also changed.

It is no longer safe to join the gym membership in the fear of using contaminated machines at shared premises. People are now looking for some reliable solution to do a workout at home. The best answer to all these needs is the revolutionary home gym which is widely known as CorePump. This compact gym can fit into any home premises as it takes not more than four square feet of space on your floor. Even if you live in a tiny apartment, CorePump can still serve your fitness needs without causing any space issue.

This machine is so effective that it requires only 10 minutes to help you get a complete body workout without the mess of traditional gym equipment. The professionals have developed CorePump by considering four pillars of fitness: flexibility, core, strength, and cardiovascular health. This machine does an amazing job of meeting all these four goals efficiently and safely.

CorePump makes use of a smart resistance system that promises a safer and effective workout solution. It can adjust automatically as per the speed and strength output of an individual on a real-time basis. With this all in one fitness equipment, you will be able to maximize your muscle strength and endurance with ease. The CorePump machine is highly versatile that allows users to perform an almost unlimited number of exercises. It has 66 different handle positions, an adjustable pedestal, and six settings for smart resistance. The machine is robust enough to deal with millions of repetitions without any trouble.

CorePump machine provides an excellent workout experience twice as hard as the conventional resistance exercises that make use of isokinetic resistance. It also helps to eliminate the delayed onset muscle soreness issue while helping you get stronger with ease. The machine itself is robust enough to handle unlimited repetitions without failing. This machine is also approved and certified as medical fitness equipment that can help to enhance cardiopulmonary and cardiovascular health. Due to this feature, buyers can also receive some tax credit on the purchase of CorePump as per IRS Section 44.