The CorePump® Machine is the first of it's kind. It offers unlimited options for strength, flexibility, core, and cardiovascular training. It utilizes a form of resistance called Smart Resistance® (adaptive resistance that constantly changes depending on the output of the user). This will allow the user to fail safely thus maximizing muscle endurance and strength. 

The CorePump® Machine (CP1000) has been approved by HEALTHCARE as a certified piece of medical fitness equipment (DME). The PDAC has reviewed the CorePump® Machine as a MEDICAL FITNESS DEVICE used to strengthen CARDIOVASCULAR & CARDIOPULMONARY health (HCPCS code A9300). 

The CorePump® Machine takes up very little space (2' x 2' floor space) and requires no electricity. It is the "Holy Grail" of fitness meeting all 4 pillars of fitness: cardiovascular training, strength, core, and flexibility. 

  • IRS Section 44: You Maybe Eligible For A Tax Credit When You Purchase Your CorePump® Machines. Form